Water Damage Sydney Review by myself – David Smith.

Water Damage Sydney Review by myself – David Smith.

Water damage is a nightmare from hell! Normally, there would be a guest post today, but I’ve decided to add my own review into the mix for once. Hi, I’m David Smith, the owner of this blog and the current editor of the Australian Association of Household Reviews. After experiencing some water damage issues as my home in Sydney, I solicited the services of Water Damage Sydney, a highly-recommended local expert in repairing water damage in the home in the Sydney metro area. After the lower half of my house was utterly devastated from a burst pipe, I called around to local providers of repair and recovery services in an absolute panic.

Time is the most important factor with water problems

Most of the companies either couldn’t come out anytime soon (and were already booked to the gills) or they simply didn’t appear to care that much about my situation. Some of them even had the nerve to be patronizing and quoted me exorbitant rates! I decided to go online and read reviews, and I finally did find the aforementioned company, and they were worth dealing with. They immediately dispatched someone to help me get control of the situation. After stripping the carpets and upholstery from the home, they quickly replaced everything with the identical brands.

They continued deep-cleaning the home and disinfecting anything, removing any potential materials which could have been contaminated or soaked. They mentioned to me that they’d have to remove a lot of the building material because it was now susceptible to black mold and other forms of mold, and of course, I had to agree. All in all, they handled the situation with immediacy and with complete expertise, and you could tell that they were taking everything very seriously and were being very thorough with protecting my home against further damage. They even helped me book a trustworthy local plumber to everything fixed in regards to the pipe situation.

Within just a couple of days, the home was completely disinfected and mopped up, and everything was replaced the day after that. Absolutely stellar service, five out of five stars. If any of my readers in the local area ever have any unexpected, nightmarish issues with water damage, I highly recommend this company. They handled everything with the highest level of expertise, efficacy, and care. Really a wonderful company with friendly, sympathetic technicians who were knowledgeable and fully insured and certified to work in a variety of different situations.

The job was extremely well done

Once again, it is unusual for me to do reviews on here, as I usually prefer featuring guest posts from our readers who are courageous enough to use their writing skills, but I decided to go ahead and share one of my own experiences. Thank you all for visiting our blog, and don’t forget to come to your local association meetings where you can meet businesses that have exceeded our specifications. We’ve listed all of the best businesses in a variety of different industries and cities on our website for your consideration.

You can find Alex’s aka Water Damage Sydney’s website here

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