Office Fitouts Sydney Review by John Bentham!

Office Fitouts Sydney Review by John Bentham!

This next guest review is given to us by an office manager living in Sydney. Sydney CBD is one of the most vibrant and active business communities in the world. John Bentham works out of one of the district’s high-rises and lives quite an interesting lifestyle. As an office manager, he ensures that he gets the most out of his workers by helping them work at their best level of ability, providing them with a great environment to work in. John as such enlisted the services of a local company to help him increase his workplace efficiency, and has given his review of this company accordingly. – David Smith, Editor

John Benthams Review on Sydney Interiors

I’d never given much thought to advanced office floor planning and interior design. To tell you the truth, this is something I overlooked to the chagrin of other people in my industry and career, who were always ranting to me about the next generation of office design, efficiency, and office metrics. After doing some more research online about the effects of modern poorly-designed office working environments, I’d realized I’d made a terrible mistake, and as a result, my business was suffering where it could have been succeeding otherwise. This led me to Office Fitouts Sydney.

This company provides an amazing, full-featured service where they can help you source the best possible shop fitouts for your office location. Everything from cubicles to sound-proofed executive mini offices can be sourced from their company for prices much lower than if you bought them direct without having connections in the interior design industry. Their expert knowledge was a boon to me during the most hectic time of the year, which was right before the Christmas business surge when everyone’s working long hours and drinking as much coffee as possible to stay awake before the break for the seasonal break.

Office FItouts SYdney

They made the process entirely simple and kept me in the loop throughout the whole thing. I can be a bit of a control freak, so it made me more comfortable that they included me in the process of optimizing our office space. We’ve noticed a massive increase following their optimization of our office, and now, workers do not complain about noise levels or bumping in to each other between trips to the bathroom or water cooler. Really just world-class work for prices that were well within our budget.

If you’re an office manager running a small business or a larger corporate enterprise in the city, I cannot recommend this company enough. They were truly tremendous throughout the whole process and ensured that I understood every aspect of their vision. They worked overtime to preserve our brand image and address any concerns we had about the whole thing. Really exemplary service, expert knowledge, and friendly technicians who ensured everything was installed correctly and no questions went unanswered. They accommodated our hectic holiday schedule and got everything done over Christmas while our entire office was on break with family.

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