Dilapidation Report Melbourne Review by Amanda Henson

Dilapidation Report Melbourne Review by Amanda Henson

Every homeowner dreads the nightmare scenario of some litigation popping up suddenly regarding the structural integrity of their home once they sell it to a new buyer. You’ve probably purchased your home years ago and you never really thought about the possibility that you could end up getting screwed over in the end when an issue suddenly emerges that you hadn’t anticipated. The resourceful Amanda Henson decided she never wanted to let this scenario become a problem for her and her family’s real estate investment, so she looked for local companies specializing in customized reports to ensure that she’d never fall victim to any issues. – David Smith, Editor

Melbourne Dilaps Reviewed by Amanda Henson

Boy, what a journey it has been with this new home! We’re finally settled in, and everything feels great about our neighborhood. My children absolutely love the school, and it is located close to my husband’s workplace, which works out well for all of us. As I’m a stay-at-home mom, I often organize everything to do with the home itself. When we were in the process of purchasing our new property, I hired the professional building inspectors and structural engineers from Dilapidation Reports Melbourne to help us find any pre-existing issues with our new building with their custom reports.

It can be a little bit intimidating to dive into these advanced concepts as a first-time property owner. My husband and I previously lived in a large flat in downtown Melbourne before moving out to a suburb outside of the city itself. We’re happier with our neighborhood, but we’d heard horror stories about people purchasing homes before, selling them years later, and finding out that there was some issue with the home that they weren’t responsible for—usually with pests or with the structural integrity of the building itself. Yikes! Total panic!

This is why we hired professional help during the purchase process to ensure a report was generated that listed off any of the issues with the home. We were in the clear, thankfully. After a detailed inspection, the home was essentially like brand new with no damage to the foundation, no pests, no decaying concrete or anything. We were happy go find out that there were no issues, and we are happy to have a report that proves there were no issues with the home in the case that we decide to sell it down the road to anyone who will occupy it after we’re gone.

I wanted to post a review and say that I was very satisfied with this company. The technician was quiet, professional, and focused entirely on the job (while making a bit of friendly small talk, of course). We give them a ten out of ten, quantifiably. I hope that anyone in the area uses their company if you’re justly paranoid and you want to get a report about your building before you sell it off in the future to someone else. World class service for a great price!

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