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End of Lease Cleaning Perth / Bond Cleaning Review by Amy Law

End of Lease Cleaning Perth / Bond Cleaning Review by Amy Law

Everyone who has ever lived in a leased property knows the stress of having to deal with everything before you move out of your property. Particularly thorough landlords will let you get away with very little before your lease is up, and most people with very little time end up hiring an end of lease cleaning company to tackle all of the cleaning before they depart. Amy Law of Perth decided to do just that, and she’s keen to share her experiences with a local company in her city with us today. Please enjoy! – David Smith, Editor

Amy Law’s local cleaning review

I moved into a small flat in the downtown area with my boyfriend about a year ago. After some incidents with our pets combined with the regular wear and tear of living in a property for a year straight, the place needed a good, thorough cleaning. Instead of doing it on my own, I decided to seek expert help in the local area. After checking online reviews, End of Lease Cleaning Perth seemed to be the best option. Other reviewers online said they had great prices, excellent service, and superfast response times. Naturally, they seemed like the best choice, and I certainly was glad that I picked them over the other options in the area.

They came out within a day of booking and sent out a team of three cleaners to handle the whole flat. Everything was cleaned thoroughly, disinfected, dusted, and washed. The whole place sparkled when we returned from a vacation out to a local attraction. When we came back, it looked cleaner than on the day we first moved in. Surely, my landlord must have been impressed when he came out to inspect and ensure everything was clean before we moved out. I was very impressed and more than satisfied with the service in general.

Moving is hard enough save your time and get a bond clean

If you’re living in a rented or leased property in the local area and you’re looking for the best company to handle all of the cleaning, I couldn’t recommend this company enough. Adding on to all of the prior praise they’ve received does seem a little redundant, but I’m glad that I could share a review with this site, which seems long overdue. David encouraged me to write about my experiences, and while I’m a pretty self-sufficient person and rarely hire any handymen in the local area, I definitely can fully endorse and recommend this company as being worth your time and money.

They put a few before and after pictures up on their website to show you how well they clean the place out, which is nice to see. Calling them is easy, and you get an immediate response. They also do commercial cleaning I believe, if you run a business in the local area and need your business cleaned out before you move out to a new office. The best way to find out what they offer and what their current prices are is to give them a call. They have several numbers listed up on their website.

Thank you Amy for taking the time to write this, you can find the website in review here