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Blocked Drains Brisbane – Plumbing Review by Michael Landford

Blocked Drains Brisbane – Plumbing Review by Michael Landford

Today’s post comes from Michael Landford, a resident based in the Brisbane area. Michael passionately wrote about his positive experiences with a local plumber who specialize in clearing blocked drains. After calling around to other local providers in Brisbane, Michael was astonished how other companies simply wouldn’t budge on their ridiculously overpriced services. After speaking to one stellar company in the local area, Michael remarked that he felt as if he got a great deal and as if the technicians were some of the finest he worked with in terms of household services. As always, we bring this review to you for your consideration and add it into our growing archive of guest posts from local residents. – David Smith, Editor

Let’s get right into it.. Michaels plumbing review.

I don’t think anyone ever enjoys the prospect of calling the plumber out to the home. There are few things in life that are more annoying and more damaging to your wallet than having to solicit the services of a plumber. Plumbers are likewise often seen as a dishonest and lazy folk who overcharge customers with monstrous rates and take advance of their desperation. I personally have always hated calling them out to my home, and since we live in an area with an outdated plumbing system, they’ve often been a feature of the neighborhood.

There is however one exception to this rule. Recently, I dealt with a company eponymously named Blocked Drains Brisbane which was very easy to deal with. I had a blocked drain problem in the bathroom and noticed some of our drains were leaking water into our interior and causing other problems in the house. After one call to this company, they were able to determine the cause of the issue just by speaking to me over the phone and stated that they would have someone dispatched to our location within hours.

Only an hour later, a technician arrived from their company and came out to our location. He wasn’t condescending or belittling, and he actually barely said a word to us. The problem was fixed and the prices were incredibly low compared to what other companies had quoted me on in the area. He had to replace one of the joints in our drain and clear out some of the gunk that had built up from years of wear and tear, but other than that, the process was quite simple and a lot less stressful than I thought it would be.

I think they should consider re-naming their company “The invisible plumber” because of how easy the whole process was. They got in and out without a fuss and fixed the problem quickly without overcharging us for anything. Very exemplary company and the standard by which all other local plumbers ought to be measured. Thank you for your wonderful service, and I hope that this review brings you more customers and informs other local people that this is a plumbing company that deals in quality, trustworthy services that actually work.

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