Reducing Pain and Cardiovascular Strain With Zero Gravity Chairs

Reducing Pain and Cardiovascular Strain With Zero Gravity Chairs

In the 21st century, we spend much of our lives sitting down. To reduce back pain, discomfort, and improve posture, it’s best that you spend money on a good office chair. There are record numbers of people taking trips to the doctor’s office to get referred to a neck and back pain specialist, and a lot of this is caused by the fact we’re using smartphones and computers. After a cursory Google search, most people recommend expensive Herman Miller chairs that cost well over $1,500. I’ve searched the web high and low for information on the most comfortable chairs available.

We’ve already reached epidemic levels with obesity and circulatory issues. In a couple of decades, people will start having cardiovascular issues en masse if something doesn’t change soon. One company that provides a less expensive alternative is Zero Gravity Chairs, who claim that their chairs reduce pressure on the spine, improve circulation, and reduce heart strain. I had the chance to talk with the founder of the company, John, about his invention, “We’ve essentially found the perfect chair for fixing a variety of everyday issues, or at least lessening the impact of sitting down for long periods of time on your health.”

John continued, “There are negative consequences on your health when you sit down for many hours per day, not limited to spinal pain and cardiovascular issues. One common suggestion from doctors is to take a break every hour for fifteen minutes and walk around your home or workplace. If you’re not a home worker, it can be a bit difficult to find out how to fit these sorts of instructions into your schedule. There are many medical studies out there that show that sitting for eight hours per day (or in some trials, even less) can greatly increase your mortality rate.”

Zero Gravity Chairs attempts to fix this problem by redesigning the office chair from the ground up. They not only have a selection of different productivity chairs on their shop, but also lounge chairs and outdoor chairs for when you want to kick back and relax without having to worry about the impact of sitting on your health. I tried out their product line, and I was really happy with the results. I have chronic back and neck pain, mostly because I spend most of my time writing content online, and I noticed an immediate improvement in my pain.

If you’re looking for a quality office chair, you could always spend over a thousand dollars, or you could go for something a lot less expensive. The choice, of course, is up to you. We encourage all of our readers to be diligent about finding multiple reviews before deciding on any product. It really pays off to be a wise consumer. Don’t let marketing trick you! These chairs are high-quality, and all it takes is to look at their Amazon and Ebay reviews, and you’ll see the results that people have gotten from using them. In my opinion, it’s a pretty incredible chair.

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How to Find the Best Concrete Cutting Specialists

How to Find the Best Concrete Cutting Specialists

Looking for more information about concrete cutting? This process has applications for both home and business. If you’re redoing your garage or you’re in the middle of a massive corporate project and you’re looking for contractors to perform precision tasks, it is advisable to look up as many reviews as possible about local concrete specialists in order to find the best deals and get the best rates. If you want to save money and you also want to get the job done as quickly as possible, there’s no replacement for good research. Whether you’re a corporation or a residential customer, it’s highly recommended to do plenty of research.

The best place to look is on Yelp, Google Maps, Yellowpages, and Truelocal. I looked at a number of local companies and the one I found with the best reviews overall was Concrete Cutting Perth, which seems to have plenty of positive reviews from customers both past and present. They seem to get the job done quickly, based on what I’ve read. If you’re looking for a fast company that gets the job done right, I’d go with these guys. With plenty of positive reviews available online for viewing, it seems as if most customers agree that they are the best in the metro area.

I’ve worked with a lot of different contractors in many industries over the years, and you can usually tell which ones are good and bad fairly easily. After giving this company a try with a small job, they were able to get everything sorted quickly and were on top of every aspect of the job. With great rates and fast turnaround times, I don’t think there’s any other company in the area that I’d prioritize over them if I was looking to cut concrete in the shortest amount of time possible.

If you want to find a better deal, go right ahead. After spending several hours on Google looking for companies and calling up their support lines, this company had the cheapest rates and was also able to come out sooner than everyone else I got in contact with, so I would recommend them to anyone looking to get great services for a fair rate. At the moment, they’re sitting at a 4.71-star rating on most sites when you average out their ratings online, which is very good for this industry and is quite uncommon.

One again, I would advise any and all residential and commercial clients to thoroughly research any contractors they plan on doing business with. A little Google sleuthing should be enough to uncover any nastiness in the past, not like these funny (but dirty) pick up lines. Look out for negative reviews. If negative reviews are heavily outweighed by positive ones, then you’re probably in for a good deal.

End of Lease Cleaning Perth / Bond Cleaning Review by Amy Law

End of Lease Cleaning Perth / Bond Cleaning Review by Amy Law

Everyone who has ever lived in a leased property knows the stress of having to deal with everything before you move out of your property. Particularly thorough landlords will let you get away with very little before your lease is up, and most people with very little time end up hiring an end of lease cleaning company to tackle all of the cleaning before they depart. Amy Law of Perth decided to do just that, and she’s keen to share her experiences with a local company in her city with us today. Please enjoy! – David Smith, Editor

Amy Law’s local cleaning review

I moved into a small flat in the downtown area with my boyfriend about a year ago. After some incidents with our pets combined with the regular wear and tear of living in a property for a year straight, the place needed a good, thorough cleaning. Instead of doing it on my own, I decided to seek expert help in the local area. After checking online reviews, End of Lease Cleaning Perth seemed to be the best option. Other reviewers online said they had great prices, excellent service, and superfast response times. Naturally, they seemed like the best choice, and I certainly was glad that I picked them over the other options in the area.

They came out within a day of booking and sent out a team of three cleaners to handle the whole flat. Everything was cleaned thoroughly, disinfected, dusted, and washed. The whole place sparkled when we returned from a vacation out to a local attraction. When we came back, it looked cleaner than on the day we first moved in. Surely, my landlord must have been impressed when he came out to inspect and ensure everything was clean before we moved out. I was very impressed and more than satisfied with the service in general.

Moving is hard enough save your time and get a bond clean

If you’re living in a rented or leased property in the local area and you’re looking for the best company to handle all of the cleaning, I couldn’t recommend this company enough. Adding on to all of the prior praise they’ve received does seem a little redundant, but I’m glad that I could share a review with this site, which seems long overdue. David encouraged me to write about my experiences, and while I’m a pretty self-sufficient person and rarely hire any handymen in the local area, I definitely can fully endorse and recommend this company as being worth your time and money.

They put a few before and after pictures up on their website to show you how well they clean the place out, which is nice to see. Calling them is easy, and you get an immediate response. They also do commercial cleaning I believe, if you run a business in the local area and need your business cleaned out before you move out to a new office. The best way to find out what they offer and what their current prices are is to give them a call. They have several numbers listed up on their website.

Thank you Amy for taking the time to write this, you can find the website in review here

Water Damage Sydney Review by myself – David Smith.

Water Damage Sydney Review by myself – David Smith.

Water damage is a nightmare from hell! Normally, there would be a guest post today, but I’ve decided to add my own review into the mix for once. Hi, I’m David Smith, the owner of this blog and the current editor of the Australian Association of Household Reviews. After experiencing some water damage issues as my home in Sydney, I solicited the services of Water Damage Sydney, a highly-recommended local expert in repairing water damage in the home in the Sydney metro area. After the lower half of my house was utterly devastated from a burst pipe, I called around to local providers of repair and recovery services in an absolute panic.

Time is the most important factor with water problems

Most of the companies either couldn’t come out anytime soon (and were already booked to the gills) or they simply didn’t appear to care that much about my situation. Some of them even had the nerve to be patronizing and quoted me exorbitant rates! I decided to go online and read reviews, and I finally did find the aforementioned company, and they were worth dealing with. They immediately dispatched someone to help me get control of the situation. After stripping the carpets and upholstery from the home, they quickly replaced everything with the identical brands.

They continued deep-cleaning the home and disinfecting anything, removing any potential materials which could have been contaminated or soaked. They mentioned to me that they’d have to remove a lot of the building material because it was now susceptible to black mold and other forms of mold, and of course, I had to agree. All in all, they handled the situation with immediacy and with complete expertise, and you could tell that they were taking everything very seriously and were being very thorough with protecting my home against further damage. They even helped me book a trustworthy local plumber to everything fixed in regards to the pipe situation.

Within just a couple of days, the home was completely disinfected and mopped up, and everything was replaced the day after that. Absolutely stellar service, five out of five stars. If any of my readers in the local area ever have any unexpected, nightmarish issues with water damage, I highly recommend this company. They handled everything with the highest level of expertise, efficacy, and care. Really a wonderful company with friendly, sympathetic technicians who were knowledgeable and fully insured and certified to work in a variety of different situations.

The job was extremely well done

Once again, it is unusual for me to do reviews on here, as I usually prefer featuring guest posts from our readers who are courageous enough to use their writing skills, but I decided to go ahead and share one of my own experiences. Thank you all for visiting our blog, and don’t forget to come to your local association meetings where you can meet businesses that have exceeded our specifications. We’ve listed all of the best businesses in a variety of different industries and cities on our website for your consideration.

You can find Alex’s aka Water Damage Sydney’s website here

Dilapidation Report Melbourne Review by Amanda Henson

Dilapidation Report Melbourne Review by Amanda Henson

Every homeowner dreads the nightmare scenario of some litigation popping up suddenly regarding the structural integrity of their home once they sell it to a new buyer. You’ve probably purchased your home years ago and you never really thought about the possibility that you could end up getting screwed over in the end when an issue suddenly emerges that you hadn’t anticipated. The resourceful Amanda Henson decided she never wanted to let this scenario become a problem for her and her family’s real estate investment, so she looked for local companies specializing in customized reports to ensure that she’d never fall victim to any issues. – David Smith, Editor

Melbourne Dilaps Reviewed by Amanda Henson

Boy, what a journey it has been with this new home! We’re finally settled in, and everything feels great about our neighborhood. My children absolutely love the school, and it is located close to my husband’s workplace, which works out well for all of us. As I’m a stay-at-home mom, I often organize everything to do with the home itself. When we were in the process of purchasing our new property, I hired the professional building inspectors and structural engineers from Dilapidation Reports Melbourne to help us find any pre-existing issues with our new building with their custom reports.

It can be a little bit intimidating to dive into these advanced concepts as a first-time property owner. My husband and I previously lived in a large flat in downtown Melbourne before moving out to a suburb outside of the city itself. We’re happier with our neighborhood, but we’d heard horror stories about people purchasing homes before, selling them years later, and finding out that there was some issue with the home that they weren’t responsible for—usually with pests or with the structural integrity of the building itself. Yikes! Total panic!

This is why we hired professional help during the purchase process to ensure a report was generated that listed off any of the issues with the home. We were in the clear, thankfully. After a detailed inspection, the home was essentially like brand new with no damage to the foundation, no pests, no decaying concrete or anything. We were happy go find out that there were no issues, and we are happy to have a report that proves there were no issues with the home in the case that we decide to sell it down the road to anyone who will occupy it after we’re gone.

I wanted to post a review and say that I was very satisfied with this company. The technician was quiet, professional, and focused entirely on the job (while making a bit of friendly small talk, of course). We give them a ten out of ten, quantifiably. I hope that anyone in the area uses their company if you’re justly paranoid and you want to get a report about your building before you sell it off in the future to someone else. World class service for a great price!

Melbourne Dilaps

Office Fitouts Sydney Review by John Bentham!

Office Fitouts Sydney Review by John Bentham!

This next guest review is given to us by an office manager living in Sydney. Sydney CBD is one of the most vibrant and active business communities in the world. John Bentham works out of one of the district’s high-rises and lives quite an interesting lifestyle. As an office manager, he ensures that he gets the most out of his workers by helping them work at their best level of ability, providing them with a great environment to work in. John as such enlisted the services of a local company to help him increase his workplace efficiency, and has given his review of this company accordingly. – David Smith, Editor

John Benthams Review on Sydney Interiors

I’d never given much thought to advanced office floor planning and interior design. To tell you the truth, this is something I overlooked to the chagrin of other people in my industry and career, who were always ranting to me about the next generation of office design, efficiency, and office metrics. After doing some more research online about the effects of modern poorly-designed office working environments, I’d realized I’d made a terrible mistake, and as a result, my business was suffering where it could have been succeeding otherwise. This led me to Office Fitouts Sydney.

This company provides an amazing, full-featured service where they can help you source the best possible shop fitouts for your office location. Everything from cubicles to sound-proofed executive mini offices can be sourced from their company for prices much lower than if you bought them direct without having connections in the interior design industry. Their expert knowledge was a boon to me during the most hectic time of the year, which was right before the Christmas business surge when everyone’s working long hours and drinking as much coffee as possible to stay awake before the break for the seasonal break.

Office FItouts SYdney

They made the process entirely simple and kept me in the loop throughout the whole thing. I can be a bit of a control freak, so it made me more comfortable that they included me in the process of optimizing our office space. We’ve noticed a massive increase following their optimization of our office, and now, workers do not complain about noise levels or bumping in to each other between trips to the bathroom or water cooler. Really just world-class work for prices that were well within our budget.

If you’re an office manager running a small business or a larger corporate enterprise in the city, I cannot recommend this company enough. They were truly tremendous throughout the whole process and ensured that I understood every aspect of their vision. They worked overtime to preserve our brand image and address any concerns we had about the whole thing. Really exemplary service, expert knowledge, and friendly technicians who ensured everything was installed correctly and no questions went unanswered. They accommodated our hectic holiday schedule and got everything done over Christmas while our entire office was on break with family.

Sydney Interiors can be found here

SEO Hobart Geeks – Thomas Moore reveals his experiences

SEO Hobart Geeks – Thomas Moore reveals his experiences

This is a little bit of an unusual review, considering we’ve mostly had reviews on the website concerning household services in the local area. Tom Moore is a local business owner in Hobart who primarily works in Internet services from home. As a small business owner, he supports Hobart’s local economy. He’s a good friend of mine, and he has had plenty of business success stories online that ought to inspire anyone looking to ditch the corporate drone lifestyle. He reviews a provider of Search Engine Optimization in the local area that was able to rank up his website to the first page on Google. – David Smith, Editor

Thomas reveals his SEO experience…

Hi, I’m Thomas Moore. I have a number of websites online where I sell kits for toy trains. My business success online wouldn’t be nearly as powerful without the help of SEO Hobart, a company that specializes in delivering a service that many small business owners in Australia might have never heard of, or have only heard about in passing. SEO is a type of digital service which increases the exposure of your business to local customers, and customers from abroad. Since I ship to an international market and a local market, I needed a marketing firm in the area that knew how to ensure my products were reaching the right customers.


As a specialist, I cater to a certain niche of buyers who primarily use Google to find these toy trains online. As a result, my success in the niche depends upon people being able to find my services through an Internet. After doing some research and reading local reviews, I came upon the people at this company and decided to enlist their help in getting my business to be more present and visible to potential customers who would purchase my own products and services.

Immediately, they tackled the situation with the utmost level of professionalism. They audited my website and told me about some of the factors that were impacting my ability to show up on Google. They helped me optimize my website to ensure that it was reaching the most customers possible by helping me change some of the wording on my website, improve my social networking properties, and interlink my pages to ensure that customers had a great experience while visiting my website. If I understand the whole thing correctly, Google browses websites with artificial intelligence pretending to be a user so they can see how well-done your website is and rank it accordingly.

My website works and runs beautifully now, and I’ve increased my customers exponentially per month, which has led to more profits for my business. While I realize that there may not be many people who understand this domain on this website, I think it is important for other stay-at-home business people in the local area to understand that there are services out there that can help you cost-effectively reach local and international customers, and this company is the best of the best when it comes to providing these kinds of services in Hobart.

Their website here let me know if your experience is the same as Thomas’

Blocked Drains Brisbane – Plumbing Review by Michael Landford

Blocked Drains Brisbane – Plumbing Review by Michael Landford

Today’s post comes from Michael Landford, a resident based in the Brisbane area. Michael passionately wrote about his positive experiences with a local plumber who specialize in clearing blocked drains. After calling around to other local providers in Brisbane, Michael was astonished how other companies simply wouldn’t budge on their ridiculously overpriced services. After speaking to one stellar company in the local area, Michael remarked that he felt as if he got a great deal and as if the technicians were some of the finest he worked with in terms of household services. As always, we bring this review to you for your consideration and add it into our growing archive of guest posts from local residents. – David Smith, Editor

Let’s get right into it.. Michaels plumbing review.

I don’t think anyone ever enjoys the prospect of calling the plumber out to the home. There are few things in life that are more annoying and more damaging to your wallet than having to solicit the services of a plumber. Plumbers are likewise often seen as a dishonest and lazy folk who overcharge customers with monstrous rates and take advance of their desperation. I personally have always hated calling them out to my home, and since we live in an area with an outdated plumbing system, they’ve often been a feature of the neighborhood.

There is however one exception to this rule. Recently, I dealt with a company eponymously named Blocked Drains Brisbane which was very easy to deal with. I had a blocked drain problem in the bathroom and noticed some of our drains were leaking water into our interior and causing other problems in the house. After one call to this company, they were able to determine the cause of the issue just by speaking to me over the phone and stated that they would have someone dispatched to our location within hours.

Only an hour later, a technician arrived from their company and came out to our location. He wasn’t condescending or belittling, and he actually barely said a word to us. The problem was fixed and the prices were incredibly low compared to what other companies had quoted me on in the area. He had to replace one of the joints in our drain and clear out some of the gunk that had built up from years of wear and tear, but other than that, the process was quite simple and a lot less stressful than I thought it would be.

I think they should consider re-naming their company “The invisible plumber” because of how easy the whole process was. They got in and out without a fuss and fixed the problem quickly without overcharging us for anything. Very exemplary company and the standard by which all other local plumbers ought to be measured. Thank you for your wonderful service, and I hope that this review brings you more customers and informs other local people that this is a plumbing company that deals in quality, trustworthy services that actually work.

Interested in their services? Find them here!

Plantation Shutters Adelaide – Kylies guess post review!

Plantation Shutters Adelaide – Kylies guess post review!

This is a guest post from an Adelaide resident, Kylie Adams. Kylie was in the process of redecorating the inside of her newly-purchased home and as looking for providers of plantation shutters in Adelaide. She shares her experiences with AAHR and informs our readers about the best providers of plantation shutters in the local area. – Editor, David Smith

I’d always been attracted to plantation shutters. They give a home a lot of refinement, especially when you pair them with beautiful interior decorating. As a career interior designer, I’ve a trained eye when it comes to spotting good design. I browsed online and looked at galleries by local shutters vendors and came across the collection at Plantation Shutters Adelaide, which was simply wonderful. They had a huge selection of designs available and they made it very easy to choose them over the other vendors in the neighborhood. Suffice it to say, I was sold from the start.

I spoke to one of their technicians over the phone from the number listed on their website. The service was prompt and immediate and I had a booking within minutes of placing the call. Now, I had to wait in excitement.

They came out last Wednesday and began the process of installing the shutters in my home. My kids were a little riled up as they usually are when people come out to the house, but they were very accommodating and worked quickly. To tell you the truth, I barely noticed them when they were out. They carefully stepped around our numerous fragile display pieces and took extra care when transporting their equipment into the living room. Pure class and expertise! I was very satisfied, and I couldn’t believe how beautiful everything looked when they  were all finished with the whole process.

What do you think of the shutters they installed?

Plantation shutters adelaide

They checked to ensure it was secure and installed correctly, and they left quickly. It was a stress-free experience, and I happy enough to write a brief review for them on a few online directories such as their Yelp and Google Maps pages, but when David asked me to make a guest post on his blog after the local Adelaide homeowners outreach and was asking about business promotions in my neighborhood, I decided to write up this more detailed testament to my positive experiences with their company. Certainly, local residents will be well-served if they rely on this provider, as they have the expertise and artistic vision necessary to beautifully transform an otherwise blasé design in your home into something truly spectacular with their artisan designs.

I hope that you consider adding these types of blinds into your home. They look absolutely stunning in ours, and we’ve received so many compliments from visitors into our home. They are very functional, work well, and barely take any effort at all to lift and lower during the warmer months, which makes it ultra convenient.

Their website can be found here

Slate Roofing contractors in Sydney Review by James Dee

Slate Roofing contractors in Sydney Review by James Dee

Are you looking for the best slate roofing in the local area? If you’re in the market for a new roof, you might consider some of the beautiful slate roofing options there are this day and age. While a lot of people think that slate is too big of an investment, it really is as resilient as advertised. Since it’s a non-porous material, it has been popular as a building material for as long as humans have been mining it. Some of the roofs built with this material are still around and in great shape centuries later. In terms of long-term investments, it is the king of all Roof shingles Sydney.

Most people don’t think in the long-term, though. They’d rather go for a material that doesn’t last as long and doesn’t stand the test of time. I’ve always invested in the long-term, and I think other consumers should, as well. You’ll end up saving yourself a lot of money, and you won’t have to spend such a huge amount on repairs, maintenance, and general expenses because it requires almost no work on your part once it is installed. It doesn’t bleach or stain, and it doesn’t break down or crack from exposure to heat, UV radiation, rain, or wind.

It’s given me peace of mind, and I think it would in your case, as well. If you’re a homeowner that is in dire need of new roof materials, you should give heavy consideration to purchasing this kind of shingle package from a local company specializing in it. There are a lot of different companies out there, and the one I went with was absolutely fantastic. I’ll throw a link to their website somewhere in this article, because I sincerely believe they’re the best providers of specialty roofing services in the local area.

After I upgraded, bit the bullet, and chose this investment, I was immediately struck with the short-term as well as long-term benefits. By the first year, literally no moss had grown on my roof, and the shingles had been treated with some weatherproof liquid that prevented anything from growing on them, which is wonderful. They told me it is certified for 50 years, so it’s good to have it backed up by something. Apparently, these types of roofs can last for centuries if well maintained, and it isn’t all that expensive to get someone out to fix the occasional crack every couple of decades.

If you’re a homeowner or you own a property in the local area and you’re looking to save yourself huge bucks in the long term, this is one of the most overlooked ways of saving yourself a tremendous amount of money over the coming decades. With climate change and rising temperatures, there’s never been a better time to give this idea some credence.

You can find their website here